Online marketing
When it comes to our services, we use all the means and resources necessary for you to get the perfect strategy for your promotional campaign. We set goals together for your promotion campaign so that we conceive the most effective and relevant "scenario" and then develop a creative concept, of impact through which we can communicate in a personalized manner with the target audience through:

Strategy services and online business consulting:
- Research
- Branding
- Consultancy and marketing budgets analysis

Services for positioning and online brand development
- Web design
- Consultancy and account audit
- Efficient strategy for measurable results
- Account monitoring and optimization for efficiency in reaching goals
- Google Management (Google AdWords, SEO, Google display)
- Newsletter

We are with you to create, implement and monitor online marketing projects, matching your company's activity in relation to the business environment in which it operates.
So we put at your disposal:

Creation and production services:
- Print Design layout
- In-store materials
- Promotional materials
- Trade shows and exhibitions
- Copywriting
- Destination pages and banners

Promoting Services in Social Media
- Facebook (ads, page content administration – generating leads, awareness)
- YouTube (ads, account administration – generating leads, awareness)
- LinkedIn (ads, own promoting own page – generating leads)
- Google+ (generating content – awareness)
- Campaigns implementation PPC (pay per click), PPV (pay per view), PPM (pay per mille)
- Analysis, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of media campaigns

Regardless of the scope, be it political e-marketing, cultural, or tourism or business, online marketing is a true game of seduction where you have to constantly maintain the target audience attraction towards us- the partner.

For this, for each occasion we adopt the most beautiful strategy, we notice the public, we learn their tastes and only after that we invite them to dance what he wants.

But competition from the "heart" of the audience is big, dancers are many, which is why we are ready to learn new steps or even innovate the dance over and over again.