Web Consultancy
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Project Management Consultant
Cover the development of conceptual designs & estimate costs, assistance of feasibility studies and tender documents, evaluations & contract documents as well as the assistance of elaboration of business documents.

Business Consultant
Conducting business analysis for clients. Identifying measures to improve the systems. Elaboration and validation of functional specifications and test solutions.

Digital Design Consultant
Consultancy about design and integrator systems to understand and choose competitive targeted solutions. Actively contributing to the program, from content creation to final delivery. Assistance collecting detailed feedback and strategically communications to Product Management Department and Research Development Department.

Banking Consultant
Consultancy in relation to banking institutions in order to choose appropriate products and services with the business model and development plans in the short, medium and long term.

Security Consultant
Consultancy for correlation logical rules on security systems and adjusting the detection systems based on the penetration tests and new techniques. Consultancy for correlation different events in the infrastructure and proposing security monitoring and log analysis solutions.