SEO & Copyrighting
SEO is more than a marketing channel, more than just a simple optimization of a site. It is a landmark business model for entrepreneurs, a competitive advantage difficult to imitate if implemented correctly. We can say that it can be part of the organizational culture of any company.

On the other hand, SEO means respect for consumers and social responsibility on Internet by the content that we create and promote. Awareness of the importance of the SEO process by contractors and by all those who want to succeed on the Internet, and its impact on the success or failure of a business is our mission.

The number of people using the Internet for information or to shop online is increasing. Almost any product or service online is now traded.

With billions of people connected to the Internet in conjunction with the fact that 95% of them do not exceed the Google homepage when browsing the internet, we understand how important the process of SEO is.

Our SEO services aim to:
• Increased sales to our customers and develop their business-community
• Increasing the visibility of the site general
• Increased traffic volumes site
• Develop potential market by increasing the number of indexed keywords

Types/ stages of SEO services:

On page optimization:
• Analysis of crawling and indexing
• Loading speed of the website
• An analysis of the categories of available products / services

Off page optimization:
• Content Marketing
• Native advertising
• Link building
• Guest blog posting
• Press releases

Monitoring, analysis and reporting
• Total transparency regarding the activities undertaken.
• Monitor the impact the actions have in SERP.
• Analyze the results obtained each month.
• Monthly reports and detailed.
• Access to SEO monitoring application for each client

We think and transform your site in an active using SEO services and specific marketing methods.